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About the Burmese-German Online Dictionary
The aim of this Burmese-German online dictionary is to provide an up to date and easily accessible dictionary. Users can make and request new entries as well as comment on existing ones. Therefore, the quality of this online dictionary depends on active participation of its users. An online dictionary is no substitute for far more detailed and accurate printed works. However, it might have an advantage over these when it comes to up-to-dateness. I hope this Burmese-German online dictionary helps those studying Burmese or German. Please feel free to make comments and suggestions to !

Typing sequence for Burmese
Syllables may consist of several clustered characters which in some cases do not have "obvious" typing sequences. When looking up a burmese term the typing sequence has to match that of the dictionary entry. Some characters like and variants of are typed before entering the basic grapheme. is allways added last to a syllable.
Examples: စား (to eat) : စ ာ း - ေဴပာ (to speak) : ေ ဴ ပ ာ.
Especially clusters consiting of more than two characters are not typed in an apparent sequence. Concerning this site, typing sequence for characters that are written above, behind or below the basic grapheme is behind - above - below.
Examples: ေရဒီယို (radio) : ေ ရ ဒ ီ ယ ိ ု - ခဵႂိ (sweet) : ခ ဵ ႂ ိ.
The character constitutes an exception. It is allways typed directly after the basic grapheme.
Example: ရႀိ (to be, to exist) : ရ ႀ ိ

 · How can I make my browser display Burmese Script on this website?
To display Burmese characters on this website download and install the font MyaZedi which can be found at www.etrademyanmar.com.

 · How can I type Burmese characters?
Since the encoding for Burmese characters on this website is Unicode you will most likely not be able to type Burmese characters using your keyboard. Instead, use the Burmese character input which can be accessed by clicking the red link right below the search input. Note: JavaScript has to be enabled in your browser.

 · How do I look up a Burmese or German word?
Type the word you're looking for into the input field on the on the search page. The language will be determined automatically.

 · Several results are displayed some of which are displayed against a white background whereas others are displayed against an orange background. What does that mean?
White background indicates direct hits, whereas orange background indiactes the word you were looking for is just part of the entry, i.e. an approximate hit.

 · How can I comment on or correct dictionary entries?
The result of a search will be displayed as a table. If you click on the Burmese or German word in a row, you will get to a page where old comments are displayed as well as new comments can be entered.

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